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certreq -new works with -pin but certreq -accept -pin does not ?

I am using a SafeNet / Gemalto smartcard / token on Windows 10. I can generate a CSR off the token just fine without requiring user interaction by specifying -pin <pin> eg.

certreq -New -pin 1234 templatefile.txt output.csr

however, the corresponding -accept does not work. The user is prompted for the pin even though I specify it.
certreq -accept -pin 1234 thecert.cer

certreq -accept -? shows pin is an option, but the user is always prompted for the pin in the accept. Any idea why that might be and how I can work around it ?

Basically my goal is to wipe the token and generate a private key, generate a csr, send the csr to my pki to be signed, retrive the cert and install it without user interaction.

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Welcome to share here!
Any who is familiar with the command :certreq -new works -pin will be appreciated.
Thanks in advance!

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