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Error openning UWP designer

Hi, everybody, i´m new, I have a problem, recentm I have been reinstal windows 10 and Visual Studio in my pc, exactly as I did it the last time, but, when i download the UWP developer characteristics, I can´t open the designer, I thought it was a problem of proyect, I delete the proyect and create a new proyect, but the problem persist: 84391-error-uwp.png

I dont now what i have to do, I reinstall UWP developer characteristics and Visual studio whitout any error, when i want open the proyect to design it and schedule it, appears the error (view picture).

I hope u can help me, appreciate a lot your comments. I don´t now what i have to do. 😥😭

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Hi @AlanYoshuaGutirrez-5401 , thanks for taking time to post your issue in Microsoft Q&A forum. Currently in Microsoft Q&A we only support English, could you please edit your question into English? Then we can help to solve your issues, thanks for your understanding.

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