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Gateway Management servers grayed out.

Hello All,

Good day :)

Here's the situation .

I have 2 domains.
Domain A has 4 MS and Domain B has 2 GW servers

We pushed around 5000 agents using a deployment tool. However, during deployment we can use only one MS and hence all servers were pushed to MS's in phases. In the end there were high number of servers reporting to one server and i ran a load balancing script to distribute the agents between the servers.

The issue is all the servers of domain B reporting to GW servers are grayed out.

Used the below article to set the Failover

PS C:\> $Gateway = Get-SCOMManagementServer | where {$.Name -eq ""}
PS C:\> $Gateway.GetPrimaryManagementServer().DisplayName
PS C:\> $Gateway.GetFailoverManagementServers().DisplayName
PS C:\> $Gateway = Get-SCOMManagementServer | where {$
.Name -eq ""}
PS C:\> $Gateway.GetPrimaryManagementServer().DisplayName
PS C:\> $Gateway.GetFailoverManagementServers().DisplayName

Any advise on how i can get my agents reporting to GW healthy ?

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