Where are the Raspberry Pi and Windows 10 IoT device templates in IoT central?

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Hi all,

Just starting out with Azure IoT and am setting up a Raspberry Pi 3b.

In the documentation it makes mention of Raspberry Pi and Windows 10 IoT core device templates in IoT central, but I can't see these.

Where have the gone, and any tips on how to setup a Raspberry Pi?

Thanks, Simon

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    Hello anonymous user Thanks for posting this query on this forum!

    Have you tried the IOTCentral application creation and then you may be able to see the generic device templates to get started.

    RaspberryPi has no capability on its own to connect to IoT Central, you may want to add your sensors and readers to the RaspberryPi to make it a capable Interface, then only you can communicate with IoT Central. You can start with your own custom IoT Central application and build accordingly. I would recommend to follow the below 2 documents for this.

    Create a device template from scratch

    Create your first Azure IoT Central app



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