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unable respondent to go to previous page

How to unable respondent to go to previous page while doing survey?

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Could you please give us more information of your question?

We are mainly responsible for Microsoft Teams. It is hard to determine if your question is in our scope now. Thanks for your understanding.

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Thanks for your email. I'm asking for Microsoft forms, not sure if this is out of your scope. Suppose I have created a three-page survey. While the respondents have filled the survey on the second or third page, but not yet finished, I want to unable them to go back to the previous page. Please advise if you can.

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Microsoft Forms is currently not supported in the Q&A forums, the supported products are listed over here: (more to be added later on).

For the related questions about Microsoft Forms you can ask in here.

I will change office-teams-windows-itpro tag to not-supported tag. Thanks for your understanding.

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