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Ignore words in Speech Studio?

Hello, I am going from text to audio some dialogues of a literary novel, which brings the name of the character at the front of its dialogue something like this:

Name: sample text.
Name2: sample text2

What happens is that there are many dialogues and the work is quite long, so I want to know if there is a way for the speech studio to ignore certain words without deleting them, in this case ignore the word (Name :) which would be the name of the character that is speaking at the moment, and also that ignores it in the whole document, is it possible to do that?

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@MiguelAngel-5194 I am afraid ignoring a word might not be supported. For text to speech the SSML support that is available is documented here. ACC tool also uses the same guidelines if you use the SSML input format.

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Ok, I thought you could do something like in the PC program called TextAloud which has a dictionary which allows you to add words to completely ignore in the whole document or change their pronunciation. So this cannot be done in the Speech Studio?


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Thanks for sharing. We shall report this as a feedback to our team to check if something similar can be achieved.

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