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sharepoint 13 import from excel

Hi everyone,

I am dealing with some problem of importing Excel spreadsheet into SP portal. The problem can be reproduced on the web of the same host, but on the second web of this host it is not reproducible.

When I collected the network logs via NPA, I saw that the problematic import is authorized through Bearer, when on a successful import, authorization through NTLM.

The screenshots show the requests coming from the Excel client application.

problem query:

successful query:

My question is: What does the authorization type depend on when importing from Excel? Why on the same host different sites can have different types of authorization?

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Hi @SteanlyStevenson-0983,

Have you configured any custom cloud authentication provider which used bearer token at web application level?

Normally, NTLM authentication method is used in SharePoint server, Bearer token is often used in Azure, such as SharePoint online.


In addition, does "different sites on the same host" mean "a collection of different sites under the Web application"?

We could only create multiple authentication identity providers to a single SharePoint web application, not for different site collections under it.

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Hi @JulieWang-MSFT,

There is no custom authentication configured. By default, we use NTLM, configured like in your screenshot.

By host, I meant host-named site collection. And in my case there are 2 websites in one site collection. Accordingly, they are located within the same web application.

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Hi @SteanlyStevenson-0983,

How did you import excel in the host named site collection?

Per my test, I create two HNSC named and, then format the excel as table, export it to different site.

Both of them are successful:



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Hi @JulieWang-MSFT,

I export using options 2 and 3 from your link, the result is the same. I can assume that option 1 will work, because this option does not use the lists.asmx web service. But my question is directly related to export using a web service. I don’t understand why on 2 sites located in the same host-named site collection different types of authorization are used, while only one is configured - NTLM??

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