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Management server Issues

Hello All,

We recently built SCOM 2019 environment and it was all smooth until the agents were migrated. We are on UR2 SCOM 2019 and have around 5000 agents. 4 MS and 2 GW. Around 900 servers reporting to the gateway

I have since yesterday observed the MS are toggling between grey, healthy and critical states. Something doesnt seem right. I reviewed the event logs and found few interesting errors.

I have the below error in all my 4 MS's


After a little browsing , i decided to run the "Request Snapshot synchronization task" under Service group state from the Monitoring pane targeting the service group

then i restarted the configuration service in all the 4 MS

This did not resolve the issue. I still have event logged in my MS. Any directions will be highly appreciated


Additionally i find these errors too in the event logs


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CyrAz answered peewhy edited

Did you try this procedure? It seems it could be your case, since you are running 5000 agents :

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@CyrilAzoulay Thanks for your response.

Yes. I did read that article. My config file has setting has the following values.

<Setting Name="SnapshotSyncManagedEntityBatchSize" Value="50000" />
<Setting Name="SnapshotSyncRelationshipBatchSize" Value="50000" />
<Setting Name="SnapshotSyncTypedManagedEntityBatchSize" Value="100000" />

I was wondering if it was right for me to reduce the values as suggested ? Can i proceed ?

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I don't know, these settings are pretty much undocumented (or at least not publicly).

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Hello @CyrilAzoulay ,

The issue seems to be resolved. Though i did not make changes to the above parameters, i changed the timeout seconds in all the MS config file

The configservice.config file is located at C:\Program Files\Microsoft System Center 2012 R2\Operations Manager\Server
Update the file with the values highlighted below:
Snapshot Synchronization:
<Operation Name="EndSnapshot" TimeoutSeconds="1800" />
Delta Synchronization:
<OperationTimeout DefaultTimeoutSeconds="300">
<Operation Name="GetEntityChangeDeltaList" TimeoutSeconds="300"

Earlier it was

<Operation Name="EndSnapshot" TimeoutSeconds="900" />
<Operation Name="GetEntityChangeDeltaList" TimeoutSeconds="30"

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@peewhy, For our issue, based on my research, it can also be caused by a management pack which created a healthservice entry with invalid data.

We can run the following query identify the condition and the Management Pack that caused it

 select DiscoveryName , MPName , MPFriendlyName , MPVersion , MPIsSealed , MPLastModified , MPCreated from discovery d
 join ManagementPack MP on MP . ManagementPackId = d . ManagementPackId
 where discoveryId in
 ( select DiscoveryRuleId from discoverysource where discoverysourceid in
 ( select DiscoverySourceId from DiscoverySourceToTypedManagedEntity where TypedManagedEntityId in
 ( select BaseManagedEntityID from MTV_HealthService   where MaximumQueueSize is null or DisplayName = '' )))

After that, we can remove the offending Management Pack or disable the discovery that contributed the invalid health service entry in the MTV_HealthService table

Hope it can help.

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Hello @Crystal-MSFT .

Appreciate your response. Below is the result.


But i do have a MP which is logging massive amounts of errors in event log. It is related Azure Managed Instance. 16000 events in the last hour
Do you suggest removing this MP ?


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@peewhy, Based on my research, I find this MP is used to monitor Azure SQL instance. Did we have Azure SAL to monitor in our environment? If not, we can remove this MP to see if the issue is resolved.

Hope it can help.

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Appreciate your kind assistance here @Crystal-MSFT - I still have to work on this MP and will keep you posted on the developments. This is indeed creating a lot of noise in the event logs

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