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ADFS SSO not working in ASP.NET MVC


I want to integrate ADFS SSO in my MVC application.

I am using the Microsoft.Owin.Security.WsFederation

I have set the meta data url: 'https:///metadata**'

Wtrealm: 'https:///'


i have also integrate the RedirecUri in action.

I have checked the network tab after some request i got the localhost redirected you too many times

query params of url is


in each request wctx is changing.

Your help will be highly appreciated.

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There so much obfuscation in your excerpt that I don't even understand what is what :)

Are you running your app on the ADFS server? (would be weird but since you have some Local Host in there in the redirect URL for the STS IDP, I figured I'd ask).
Have you created a relying party trust on ADFS?
What does your federation config look really look like on your app? Do you have the right endpoints for ADFS and WS-Fed?
Do you have a Fiddler trace to share?

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