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Retirve more than 1000 records


I am accessing successfactor API to get employee data and pass parameter like AbsoluteUrl=$['@__next'] but its not working

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Hello @UmeshChape-5747 and welcome to Microsoft Q&A.

To better assist you, could you please provide some more information?

Are you referring to the SAP SuccessFactors ?
Are you using REST dataset in Copy Activity?
What are the symptoms of "not working" -- is there an error message, what behavior do you see?

The linked article suggests using ODATA. There is a separate ODATA type dataset. Have you tried this?

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@UmeshChape-5747 I did not get a reply from you. Are you still facing the issue?

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@UmeshChape-5747 if you found your own solution, could you please share it here with the community?

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