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Is runFullTrust no longer a restricted capability?


I am currently publishing a UWP app to the Store, and it looks like runFullTrust is no longer a restricted capability. Is that correct? There are no changes in the documentation.

The last Store submission was on March 31st and runFullTrust was restricted at the time. Today it doesn't seem to be the case. The package is detected to contain the capability (it throws a warning about Xbox compatibility), but it doesn't say that runFullTrust will "require approval"; the submission options page is obviously also missing the "why do you need it" textbox.

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Hello @MatijaKrnic-8866, runFullTrust is still a restricted capability, as for posting submission for each update, I need to confirm with team. I will update below, there may be some time delay.

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Hi Nico,

This may or may not be related, but I have had the app stuck in certification for roughly 18 hours now. I'm used to waiting for long periods of time (the previous record was roughly 9.5 hours), but this seems excessive.

Strangely, the exact same code (just targeting a different API endpoint) with the exact same app capabilities submitted to a different Store app passed certification quickly.

Something strange is going on.

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For your scenario, only the store team could check your app's state, I'd suggest you open a free support ticket here: Contact Us. Choose to Contact us, select Dashboard for Topic, and select App submissions and management for issue type.

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Hi Nico,

Today confirmAppClose also disappeared from Store package upload page.

Still no changes in the docs.

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