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Error adding a Commandbar (Visual Studio Store App)

Hello :)

For my School project, I need to create a Store App in Visual Studio 2013 (Visual Basic -> Store Apps -> Blank (Windows) (Visual Basic) )

Now I started creating an app, a test app, no references all fresh and I need to add the CommandBar but I came across this error:

Then I clicked on "Reload" expecting the error to go away but this occurs.

Whenever I add the CommandBar, It takes a really long time for it to appear. Visual Studio 2013 express freezes until it's been added then the error shows up.


Some information:
- I'm using Windows 10
- Visual Studio 2013 (also update 5)
- It happens on 3 different computer
- I tried to reinstall Visual Studio
- It occurs with new projects and older projects where the commandbar worked before
- It happens when i drag it from the Toolbox And when I type it in by myself
- Adding a button or something from the toolbox works fine.

Can someone please help me?

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Instead of reinstalling Visual Studio you can also install another, modern Visual Studio 2019.

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Thank you for your reply. I also use VB 2019 but I don't have a UWP template to choose.
When I choose to search for more templates, I couldn't find it either.

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You need check UWP platform component for Visual Studio.

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If you was developing UWP app, The lowest visual studio version is VS2015 , please refer this tutorial Create your first Universal Windows Platform application in Visual Studio.

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Thank you ! I will take a look! :)

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