Limits for json or base64ToString functions

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Hello, I currently use the json() and base64ToString() functions to convert the data received by an Azure Blob - Get Blob Content By Path action. This action always encodes the content regardless of the content-type field for the blob.

I wanted to know if there is a limit for the size of payload these two functions will work with? I couldn't find any documentation on this. The data I'm receiving back from the Blob action is usually less than 1MB.



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  1. Suraj Revankar 11 Reputation points

    Hi @MikeLee-7640 ,

    I Couldn't find anything on the limits of these functions. On the other hand as these are basically functions it would be independent of Data size fed to it , but larger the payload the time taken by the function might increase. 1 MB file shouldn't be any problem to the function actions or the execution limit. Did you try with 1MB payload ? Can you try it once ?

    Best Regards,

    Suraj Revankar

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