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How to find the exact value from the range data table using LINQ C#

I have the below data table and i want to get the FinalValue based on the range.

For example, i have the parameter value "20".

this "20" will go and find from the data table and in where it will suite between "A" and "B" column of the data table.


the above example table, parameter value "20" will come in between "A" of 11 and "B" of 25.

so the final value is "2500"


How to write LINQ statement in C#

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Any update pls.

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Please check the following code, I load the data in excel into a Datatable, then use linq to find the row where the parameter is located, and output the final value.

     static void Main(string[] args)
         System.Data.DataTable dataTable = GetSheetDataAsDataTable(@"D:\test\excel\3.xlsx");
         int result =  GetFinalValue(dataTable, 11);
         Console.WriteLine("Press any key to continue...");
     public static int GetFinalValue(System.Data.DataTable dataTable, int num) 
         var row1 = (from row in dataTable.AsEnumerable()
                  where double.Parse(row["A"].ToString()) <= num && double.Parse(row["B"].ToString()) >= num
                  select row).First();
         return int.Parse(row1["FinalValue"].ToString());
     public static System.Data.DataTable GetSheetDataAsDataTable(String filePath)
         Application xlApp = new Excel.Application();
         Workbook xlBook = xlApp.Workbooks.Open(filePath);
         Worksheet xlSheet = (Worksheet)xlBook.Worksheets[1];
         Range xlRange = xlSheet.UsedRange;
         //Range xlRange = xlSheet.get_Range("A1", "C5");
         System.Data.DataTable dt = new System.Data.DataTable();
             DataRow row = null;
             for (int i = 1; i <= xlRange.Rows.Count; i++)
                 if (i != 1)
                     row = dt.NewRow();
                 for (int j = 1; j <= xlRange.Columns.Count; j++)
                     if (i == 1)
                         dt.Columns.Add(((Range)xlRange.Cells[1, j]).Value.ToString(),typeof(string));
                         row[j - 1] = ((Range)(xlRange.Cells[i, j])).Value;
                 if (row != null)
         catch (Exception ex)
         return dt;

If there is more than one table in the excel file, you can use code like this to get the required range:

 Range xlRange = xlSheet.get_Range("A1", "C5");

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Thanks for your support.

I have posted one more related to this. can you give us the correct solution.


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can you help us the below thread to proceed further..? I want exact solution.


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I noticed that the thread you mentioned has accepted an answer. Is the problem solved?
Has the current problem been solved? Is the code right for you?

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Fantastic. It's working

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