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biztalk pdf file

I am receiving a pdf file in biztalk and I need to convert it to base64 string and send to the destination system.
What should be the ideal way to do this and I have created an orchestration as there would be some business logic as well based on the file name of the incoming pdf.

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That depends on your definition of ideal. There are multiple different ways you can do it
1) In a map with a functoid
2) In a send pipeline
3) From an expression shape in an Orchestration or by calling a pipeline in an orchestration

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Hello Colin

By ideal i mean considering the performance since it would be pdf files.

Also what do you mean by (In a map with a functoid). How can this be done in the map?

Thank you.

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Have a look at this thread. The other option would be for the functoid to call a helper class.

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For performance, if I was just sending the raw PDF, I would do it in a custom pipeline component, that could do it with streaming, as to reduce memory impact of large files.

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