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OneDrive Files marked as "Always keep on this device" are being deleted from OneDrive and Laptop is deleting files

I have an end user set-up using UEV/OneDrive at work, there is one folder on the desktop within, all the files are marked "Always Keep On This Device" however, on a Daily basis, all these files will be deleted from this folder as, the Desktop is part of the UEV Policy.

The claim by the end user is, "it worked before" and since enterprise has set policies for UEV, opening the settings in OneDrive and "unchecking" that particular folder from synchronization first off, requires Admin privileges to do so. Following changing the setting in OneDrive for that folder using an admin account, the folder then, becomes inaccessible to the end user as, the end user does not belong to any administrative security group.

What changes could I suggest to engineering to allow this end user to save these files within a specific folder on the laptop's Desktop without, OneDrive deleting these files. "Always keep on this device"

In addition, the folder is being created on the "UEV Desktop" and not under the end users normal Desktop library within the end users profile as. obviously that folder is part of the UEV policy.

The suggestion I provided to the end user was for me to copy the files into a folder outside the UEV profile settings (set by policy) but, still under the folder example: C:\Users\JSmith\My Folder then, placing a shortcut on the Desktop to that folder for use thereby circumventing the UEV policies.

The engineering department is very new to the use of UEV and still hasn't perfected things like, keeping end users email signatures, desktop settings, taskbar settings, etc. and convincing engineering that this can work if set-up properly is impossible e.g. "they know what they are doing"

If someone would be able to supply some adequate advice that I could pass along, it would be greatly appreciated.

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Based on your description, your issue seems to be more related to UE-V which is not supported on Q&A forum currently, I will modify the tag. Thanks for your understanding.
If needed, you may post your question on Tech Community.

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