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I am trying out the M365 Premium service and using email but only want to move a handful of my grouop right now but need to use TXT method


I apologize for the long title but wanted to make sure people don't waste their time if my question isn't relative to their needs. As I stated above I'm moving just 12 out of 150 over right now. Of course the domain I am currently using is not integrated with Microsoft at this time so I will have to use a manual method for DNS transfer. I intend to continue use of my current domain and will drop the .onmicrosoft domain. I have not added the folks yet but have the Admin up with my credentials and my MS email address. The transfer method I think will me easiest for me is the TXT method for using the DNS verification method. (I am not website nor smtp proficient) but can usually move through things OK. Where I am stuck is the help note says using the DNS (for a non MS integrated site provider) method will move all the company users over. Is this automatic or will it still rely on me to add each user to the email panel and assign licenses? I only want to move 12 over and leave the rest of the users accessing their mail as they do today.

Thank you

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Your issue is not related to SharePoint. I will remove tag “office-sharepoint-online”.

Thank you for your support and understanding.

Have a nice day!

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