Office script update each hyperlink on that worksheet with the worksheet name

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I have 111 tabs on my workbook. I want to freeze the same area on each sheet without running the script on each sheet. How do I do this? Below is my script.

function main(workbook: ExcelScript.Workbook)
let selectedSheet = workbook.getActiveWorksheet();
// Set the frozen cells on selectedSheet

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  1. Nancy Wang 106 Reputation points Microsoft Employee

    Hi there!

    This is a great question - thanks so much for asking! Could you let me know if the following code works for your workbook?

    function main(workbook: ExcelScript.Workbook) {
    // Get all the worksheets in the workbook.
    let sheets = workbook.getWorksheets();

    // Get a list of all the worksheet names.
    let names = => sheet.getName());

    // Write in the console all the worksheet names and the total count.
    console.log(Total worksheets inside of this workbook: ${sheets.length});

    // Set the tab color each worksheet to a random color
    for (let sheet of sheets) {
    // Generate a random color hex-code.

    As an added note, I adapted most of this code from the "Iterating over collections" section of the Office Scripts documentation: I hope this helps!

    -Nancy from the Office Scripts team