Authentication service is unavailable -- Xamarin.iOS Automatic Provisioning Windows VS 2019

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1) Tried different accounts to include one that worked perfectly fine in the past.

2) I get the Authentication service is unavailable error whenever I try to select a team via Automatic Provisioning on windows vs 2019 community edition. (all updated)

3) I have already completed the step below with no success.

If the automatic provisioning process fails with the error message Authentication Service Is Unavailable, sign in to either App Store Connect or to check that you have accepted the latest service agreements.

Any ideas why I keep getting this message?

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  1. Matt 46 Reputation points

    Updating to version 16.10.0 fixed this issue.

    Although it introduced a different issue, "MessagingRemoteException: An error occurred on client Build1610000228 while executing a reply for topic xvs/build/execute-task/#projectname/dcef6ea002fACTool
    IOException: Sharing violation on path /#pathto/Library/Caches/Xamarin/mtbs/builds/#projectname/dcef6ea8f073d59dc1c36cb1f5a222f318d7bca40b05591396d2da9756e6eedb/Assets.xcassets/AppIcon.appiconset/Contents.json"

    Uninstalling VS 16.10.0 and reinstalling 16.9.6 fixed the "new" issue.

    Maybe this is the universe telling me to learn Swift and Xcode.

  2. Marc George 21 Reputation points

    I started to create a separate problem report to discover numerous others have had this issue, MS supposedly has a fix to released soon and a workaround by someone using VS Mac has been found.

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