Global incoming webhook? Or some other way to query List of channels?

Michael Salzer 1 Reputation point

Is there a way to set something like an incoming webhook for a whole team?

I have a javascript, that should post something to a certain channel contained in a certain Team, but to see in which channel it should be posted, I'd need to get a List of all channels, and since the channels change every month, I can't programm the incoming webhooks statically in the javascript. Is there a possibiltiy to have a javascript query the list of channels in a team so I could compare channel names and let it post into the right channel every time?

Normally I'd say I'd probably need to create a new bot from scratch, but the framework is already in place in my workplace and I'm supposed to use what's already here, which is basically one bot that gets a message and sends a response. Now I'd need to make one that doesn't get a message, but can access teams, query the channels and then send a message. Is that even possible with "just" webhooks?

THanks in advance for any help on this.

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  1. GiftA-MSFT 11,096 Reputation points

    Hi, thanks for reaching out. Would the Graph API List Channels be useful for your scenario?

  2. Michael Salzer 1 Reputation point

    My issue hasn't been resolved, because I can't use the Graph API for this. Is there a way to somehow extract a webhook from a user message, so I could send an answer back at a later time via Javascript to where the user sent his message from?

    User sends a message, adressing my "bot"/script, I save the data, and a day later send a message back to the channel the user sent the original message from.

    Is something like that possible without graph?