Azure Function using Docker image doesn't update with new deployment from VSCode

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I have created an Azure Function, using Python and a Docker image. When I make changes to the function and try to deploy those changes to the function, using the "Deploy to Function App..." button in VSCode, the deployment completes with no errors but the function does not change at all. Why is this happening?

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Azure Functions
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  1. Mike Urnun 4,951 Reputation points Microsoft Employee

    Hello @OD Sorry for the delay in responses. After making changes in your code, you'll need to re-build your image, re-publish to your registry, and then redeploy again using the CLI command: az functionapp create --name <app_name> --storage-account <storage_name> --resource-group AzureFunctionsContainers-rg --plan myPremiumPlan --runtime <functions runtime stack> --deployment-container-image-name <docker_id>/azurefunctionsimage:v1.0.0

    "Deploy to Function App" will not work in this case because this particular configuration expects to source the new deployments from the (Docker) registry only.

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