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Unable to access network file share from Azure DMS during migration

Hi team,

Hello team,

During migration from AWS IAAS to Azure Managed Instance, we are facing access authentication issue to the network share path from the DMS. We have provided the necessary privilege to the network path . Also, port 445 and 1433 are operational. Moreover, the IP of the managed instance also have been whitelisted in the storage account.
We are in a middle of a migration, and it will be helpful if you can set up a meeting to discuss this issue and find a solution.
We have sent one mail to the '' for this also.

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@adsasaha-3115 You have done the right thing by sending the email to DMS team. We can try to get the traction for the same. Please add us to the email thread. We will be sharing the email info via private messaging here.

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@adsasaha-3115 Please help us with these details on the email so that we can help you further with this,

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