Xamarin ASMX web service - generalise implementation for maintanance

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I have a mobile Xamarin app which utilises an ASMX Web Services. I know that ASMX is a fairly outdated technology, but it allows for a specific functionality we need, which does not seem to be possible in RESTful ones.

My problem is that currently, I have in the Android and iOS projects, the web references and implementation logic to the development and live web services are separate, creating 4 nearly identical implementation. If there's any change in one of them, I need to repeat the process 3 more times in each implementation class. The generated web service classes don't implement an interface (of course), making abstraction that more difficult.

It's pretty much the case that the live service implementation should be the same within Droid and iOS, and likewise the dev implementation. But although they contain the same logic, the namespace difference disables me from generalising it.

Is there any way I can generalise the ASMX service implementation on Xamarin?

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