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c# search a song on online and get artist info and song info

Hello all i am making a App and each song I have i would like to search up the title and get the artist,

have been looking into lastfmapi but i am not sure how to implement this have been looking up examples and youtube tuts but cant seem to find anything anywhere,

does anyone know of a good api where you can look up artist info song info as little confused on how to proceed here..

any help would be really much appreciated elfenliedtopfan5

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@DanielZhang-MSFT Thank you for your reply but i trying to find a huge database or something to connect to check names of songs online and update with latest info so if the song does not have artist info want to look and try and find the song and update the artist info but not sure how to setup a api or if there is a online database that has tons of songs and artist info in it that i could refrence.

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Hi @mionshion-3520,
The windows-forms tag is discussing and asking questions about the Windows Forms such as Winforms controls, libraries, samples, publication and installation.
I suggest you modify tag for more professional answer.
The supported products are listed over here (more to be added later on).
Thank you for your understanding.
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Daniel Zhang

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