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Using software mouse control during powerpoint slideshow.

Hi, I'm developing an application of powerpoint's slideshow. I want to control mouse to move pretrained way, click or drag to highlight/underline.

I developed it and I can control my mouse with moving, click and my keyboard to input such words.. but there's a problem.

when I switch mouse pointer to pen or highlight pen, I can't control mouse to drag to draw something.

The reason why I ask DOCS this question is my program doesn't work during ONLY powerpoint slideshow and I don't know why it's happening...
(It works well on Adobe reader, MS paints and also powerpoint slideshow on WEB office365.)

Is there some programming issue like conflict to back-end programming with using drag? If there is, how can I avoid this issue?

thank you, my program is on environment with python 3.7.4 and I applied ctype, win32api, win32con libraries...

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I changed the tag to office-vba-dev, you can get more help about Office develop in this tag.

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