Native WIFI API - How to support WIFI with WPA3

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I used native wifi API for my WIFI connection function. It supports WPA2 currently, I wants to extend it to support WIFI6 and WPA3.
Now I have problem with this enum DOT11_AUTH_ALGORITHM , no key for WPA3 is there.
This document have not been updated since 2018. Is it just the document update issue or native WIFI API do not support WP3 at all?
If it is just the documentation issue then how can I support WP3 with native WIFI API?

reference(DOT11_AUTH_ALGORITHM enumeration):

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  1. Xiaopo Yang - MSFT 5,846 Reputation points Microsoft Employee

    It is just the document update issue. I find it in code.

        #ifdef __midl
        // use the 4-byte enum
        typedef [v1_enum] enum _DOT11_AUTH_ALGORITHM {
        typedef enum _DOT11_AUTH_ALGORITHM {
            DOT11_AUTH_ALGO_80211_OPEN = 1,
            DOT11_AUTH_ALGO_80211_SHARED_KEY = 2,
            DOT11_AUTH_ALGO_WPA = 3,
            DOT11_AUTH_ALGO_WPA_PSK = 4,
            DOT11_AUTH_ALGO_WPA_NONE = 5,               // used in NatSTA only
            DOT11_AUTH_ALGO_RSNA = 6,
            DOT11_AUTH_ALGO_RSNA_PSK = 7,
            DOT11_AUTH_ALGO_WPA3 = 8,
            DOT11_AUTH_ALGO_WPA3_SAE = 9,
            DOT11_AUTH_ALGO_IHV_START = 0x80000000,
            DOT11_AUTH_ALGO_IHV_END = 0xffffffff

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