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What's the limit for the number of action groups under a subscription?

Is there a limit on the number of action groups a subscription can have? Looking at the pricing page of Azure Monitor, there is a line saying that:

There is a configuration limit of 5000 metric time-series alert rules, 100 activity log alert rules, and 10 action groups per subscription. Contact Azure support to increase the limit.

However, upon testing within our subscription, we found that we could create more than 10 action groups. Also, Azure subscription limits and quota page does not indicate whether there is a subscription level limit on the number of action groups.


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Having same question here. Some personal blogs saying can configure up to 2000 action group per subscription, but cannot find Microsoft official document answering this question except the pricing page of Azure Monitor.

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@YouleChan-0969 Thanks for bringing this to our notice. You can create 2000 action groups per subscription as @ShijunLv-5797 mentioned in her comment. I have also raised request to make changes to Azure Monitor pricing. The changes will be live soon.

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