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Azure storage Isint it all on a disk ?


I'm learning Azure and am confused when I get to the storage section.

I've watched some videos but it always seems the instructor is just regurgitating memorized info.

I understand that data is saved stored on a disk & I don't see it as more complicated that that.

I'm hearing for example of Blob storage being for unstructured data. So this special "Blob" storage is... not just data stored on a disk ??

I'm not getting the bottom line. When putting a different label on storage what are we saying really ?

e.g. does Label "Blob" refers to how the files are accessed ? Type of medium the files are storage on e.g. faster SSD's, whether they are encrypted, backed up, uses a different file system e.g. not NTFS ? etc. etc.

I'm unable to visualize what they are talking about when they put a new word against storage like this.

Storage account ? Um isn't Storage just storage not an account. Is that something like needing to sign in to use One drive ?
A one drive account is now called a storage account.

Suppose I need this in simpler language initially before hitting the jargon / New made up words / lingo.

Thanks for reading

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I do grasp how San's, Network attached storage & Network shares work. As the explanation's I found explained it well enough. Just couldnt find anything similar on Azure storage.

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I recommend reading through the Introduction to Blob storage to gain a better understanding. Blob storage is object storage and is not block storage like you would traditionally access through a disk attached to a VM or computer. Here is a good article comparing the difference between the two.

Please see here for more information on storage accounts. Basically it is a similar concept to Resource Groups but just for storage resources.

Hope this helps! Let me know if this doesn't clear up the confusion or if you have further questions.

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