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Pass IEnumerable<Object> to Controller Method

Hi All

I have a page that has a model of IEnumerable<Object>.
I can display the data fine, but would like the function to download that list into a CSV.

I have the method that generates a CSV and downloads it to the device, however I'm having issues with passing the IEnumerable into the Method.

I'm trying to use @Url.Action to try and pass the parameter through, but am having issues with it.

My Method is

public FileContentResult ExportToCSV(IEnumerable<Object> objectList)
// Export to CSV Code...

I've tried finding other sources to help but can't seem to get it working, is Url.Action even the method I should be using?

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Hi @AdrianN-4768,

To pass a List of objects to the controller, you could use the following methods:

  1. Use core Model Binding and Submit button to submit the form.

    For example: submit list of questions to the controller: QuestionIndex.cshtml (you could change the action name, object name or request url to yours)

          @model List<WebApplication6.Models.Question>
             <form asp-action="QuestionIndex" id="mainform" method="POST">
                 @for (var i = 0; i < Model.Count(); i++)
                     <input asp-for="@Model[i].QuestionId" type="hidden" />
                     <input asp-for="@Model[i].QuestionTitle" type="hidden" />
                     <input asp-for="@Model[i].QuestionAnswer" />
                     <br />
                 <input type="submit" class="btn btn-primary" value="Submit">   
             public IActionResult QuestionIndex(IEnumerable<Question> questions)
                 //do something
                 return View(_context.Questions.ToList());

  2. Using JQuery Ajax submits the form data or an array of JavaScript objects to the controller.

    For example: add a button in the above index page, then, in the button click event, use Ajax method to submit the form to the controller.


    Comment: Here I use a screenshot to show the code, because I tried to post the sample code, but it disappears when preview.

The screenshot like this:


More detail information, you could refer my reply in this thread.

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Best Regards,

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Thanks so much for the reply @ZhiLv-MSFT
Instructions are clear as day. I'll definitely give this a go and get back to you!

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@ZhiLv-MSFT Worked perfectly! Thanks so much!

Just a few things I learned along the way, I ended up using the first way and couldn't get the JS to work properly to fire the method.

I learned that I couldn't use an IEnumerable as the model for the page as for some reason it wouldn't transfer the data across and it also wouldn't let me use a for loop, unless it was just a List<Object>.

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