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AD FS configuration display incorrectly the domain name when it contains an underscore


when configuring AD FS on Windows Server 2019, you have to provide a domain user account that will be used for the AD FS Windows service.

In my case, the Windows domain name contains an underscore, so the user name should have been DOMAIN_01\username.

Once the user has been selected from the user lookup window, the configuration shows the name as DOMAIN01\username, or, in same cases, as DOMAIN01\username (with the number 0 underlined). It is never shown correctly.

This was quite strange and I spent a lot of time trying to understand what was going on. At the end, I am quite sure the problem is a bug: probably the programmer used a Label of System.Windows.Controls and this was interpreting the underscore as a placeholder for the keyboard access key.

May you confirm this is a bug? How do I report it in order to make it fixed?

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