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Mike Kiser 1,526 Reputation points

Hi @Nasreen Akter @MartinJaffer-MSFT

This filter is filtering out all the good data . I need all the Companies BCO, BED,BSC,BNB to not be filtered out, we need if an employee is EMP to NOT be filtered out and we need if an Employee's status is Active to NOT be filtered out but the below is filtering these. Any suggestions?

@ANDO (and(contains(createArray('BCO','BED','BSC','BNB'),item().company), equals(item().classcode,'EMP')), not(contains(item().status,'Inactive')))

I just failed the first QA Test on the rework and am trying and trying to figure out why this is filtering these employees out.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!
Mike Kiser

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  1. answered 2021-04-15T20:34:04.037+00:00
    Nasreen Akter 10,601 Reputation points

    Hi @Mike Kiser ,

    try OR instead of an AND. e.g.,

    @or(or(contains(createArray('BCO','BED','BSC','BNB'),item().company), equals(item().classcode,'EMP')), not(contains(item().status,'Inactive')))  


  2. answered 2021-04-16T01:52:39.677+00:00
    Mike Kiser 1,526 Reputation points

    @Nasreen Akter , the strangest thing is that it looks like it filtered out the employee with POI...see attached.....and I am using the following as Items into the ForEach

    @activity('Filter Out Inactive').output.value