Ndspi.h - what do I need to include in my Program

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Rajendra Singh 21 Reputation points

Hello All,

I am new to this forum. I am writing my first RDMA aware application on windows using Network DIrect. I installed MS-MPI but I am unable to #include <Ndspi.h>. Where do I find this header file to include in my code.

Please advise.


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Windows API - Win32
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  1. answered 2021-04-16T02:07:47.41+00:00
    Song Zhu - MSFT 901 Reputation points

    I found the header file at this link.

    However, Microsoft no longer updates the Network Direct SPI related. Therefore, the file cannot be found now. You can refer to: How to compile and run a simple MS-MPI program to see how to use Microsoft MPI.