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I have an alias (cname) that I would like to redirect to a subfolder in IIS? on server19

In the past I thought I just converted it to a subdomain, I don't see that option?

I'm successfully making it at the main page by adding it to the bindings but I want the domain to go one folder deeper

I tried adding a vistual domain that pointed to the subfolder but then all of my data bindings did not work.

Forgive me I onll do this every 5 -8 years when we add a new server (for our internal site)

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  1. Michael Taylor 38,026 Reputation points

    A "subfolder" in IIS is either a virtual directory or an application. To bind a DNS name to it convert to a web app in IIS (I think virtual directories work too but haven't done that in years). Then edit the bindings for the application and specify the DNS name(s) you want to bind to. IIS will then automatically send any requests with the matching DNS name to the application. You can also specify a binding for the root site if you want.

    Default Web Site (binding: *) ::=
    App1 ::=\app1

    Default Web Site (binding: ::=
    App1 (binding: ::=

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