Unable to manage microsoft 365 groups using PowerShell cmdlet

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I would like to create, delete and add member in a Micorosft 365 group using powershell. The commands I used are : New-UnifiedGroup, Add-UnifiedGroupLinks, and Remove-UnifiedGroup .

So I have created a first script that connect using the login (e-mail) and pasword and passing the option '-Credential' to the cdmlets : Connect-ExchangeOnline and Connect-AzureAD. And in this case, I managed to do everything I want.

However, I have created a second script where we use certificate to connect to the Administrative server.
I have followed these documentation :

I manage to connect to the server using certificates, so I connect using ' Connect-ExchangeOnline -AppId $appID -CertificateThumbprint $thumbPrint -CertificatePassword $securePasswd -Organization $organisation' and ' Connect-AzureAD -TenantId $tenantID -ApplicationId $appID -CertificateThumbprint $thumb'

And in this case, any of these three commands I want to use (New-UnifiedGroup, Add-UnifiedGroupLinks, and Remove-UnifiedGroup) are NOT working ... And I get this kind of error :


And if I want to create a unified group

And if I want to remove an existing "microsoft 365" group


And all the other commands I use in my script like : Set-AzureADUserLicense, Add-DistributionGroupMember, New-Mailbox, Add-MailboxPermission, Add-RecipientPermission works nice and perfectly.

So why do I get these kind of errors ? Did you had the same problem and may you have a solutions for it ?

I need to use certificate instead of a classical login and password, it is very usefull and mandatory for my script.

Thank you for your answers

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    Vasil Michev 61,366 Reputation points Microsoft MVP

    There are some known issues around using the Unified group cmdlets with CBA, Microsoft is working on addressing them.

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    Any update on this issue?

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