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Fixing Accessibility Issues in UWP

I am not sure if this is the correct forum to post question. I have some Color contrast issues in my UWP app when analyzed using Windows Accessibility Insights tool. There are some elements that show Mid for Contrast test in low resolution like 800 * 600. According to documentation if a UI elements shows Mid or Unable to detect colors it ha to be tested manually using the color picker tool etc. When I tested manually for some items like Focused, Accessibility tool still shows Fail as it does not meet the WCAG criteria. How can I fix this ? What is to be done code or xaml in order to correct this accessibility issue from manual testing?

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May I know which elements failed in the Accessibility test and what colors they showed? Was your app in normal mode or high contrast mode? Could you try to use other brighter colors to increase contrast or can you please provide a simple sample that can be reproduced for us to test? In addition, for more details about Accessibility, you can refer to Accessible text requirements and Accessibility practices to avoid.

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