Produce a 3 Normal Form ERD using the following SQL statement as input. Explain what steps you took to get to 3NF

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Good Day

I have just passed the beginner stage of self-learning SQL. I applied for a Job as I am currently unemployed, I've received feedback to perform the following task.
Now for the mere fact that I am NOT even at intermediate level of my self learning SQL, I need assistance, pleeeease, my time of unemployment may come to an end if I am able to perform the following. I know it may come across as cheating, but this is how I learn, by asking questions. Please, can somebody assist me with this

THE BELOW HAS BEEN REQUESTED OF ME AS A TEST EXERCISE. NOTE, I have to have this ready for the morning of Sunday - 18 April 2021

****"Produce a 3 Normal Form ERD using the following SQL statement as input. Explain what steps you took to get to 3NF"****

DECLARE @ProgramID uniqueidentifier
SELECT @ProgramID = programID from program where title = 'NovoCare'

DECLARE @LanguageId uniqueidentifier-- NVARCHAR(20)
Select @LanguageId = LanguageId from Language where Title = 'English'

Person.FirstName, Person.Surname,
FROM Patient
JOIN Person on Patient.PersonId = Person.PersonId
JOIN Program on Patient.ProgramID = Program.ProgramID
JOIN Language on Person.ServiceLanguageID = Language.LanguageID
WHERE Patient.ProgramID = @ProgramID
Order by Person.Surname, Language.Description

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  1. Dave Patrick 329.9K Reputation points Microsoft MVP

    Microsoft Certification Program is supported on their own forums. I'd try asking for help with course issues in dedicated forums here. (Participate\Ask A Question)
    Courses and Course Content/Course Content Issue

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  2. Erland Sommarskog 68,091 Reputation points Microsoft MVP

    While it's sad to hear that you are out of work, I still need to answer with some pieces of professional advice:.

    When you have a problem at work, or for that matter something you are doing at home as a hobby, it's alright to ask in forums. That is exactly what forums are for.

    But when you have been given an assignment, be that at school or as an interview question, going to the forum is fundamentally wrong, and it will do you any good. There are only bad things can happen:

    1. You get an answer which you present, you pass the test and get employed - for a job you are not qualified for, and it's bad for everyone.
    2. You present an answer from the forum, when you are asked followup questions about your solution, your ignorance is revealed and you don't get the position.
    3. The interviewer is evil enough to google and finds your question, and that's of course end of the employment process.

    Far from all interview questions are good, and I don't think I would ask this one.

    But what you also should be aware of is that a skilled interviewer is not only interested in whether you give the correct or incorrect answer, but how you provide that answer. I would advice you to be honest, and say that this question goes over where you are at the moment, but you are hoping that you are willing to be learn. If you are lucky, this is the answer that the interviewer want to hear - that you are honest.

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