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SCRIPT5009: <function_name> is not defined (ASP.NET and Visual Basic)

Greetings to all

When calling a javascript function from the page_load event; in Internet Explorer it shows me an error as if the javascript function does not exist; however in google chrome and edge the page loads fine; If someone has happened something similar, I hope you can guide me.

Thank you very much for your comments.

Código ASPX.VB

Versión de Internet Explorer

Error en el Navegador Web

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Maybe it is a consequence of previous error: “Se esperaba ‘)’”?

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Hi @LuisHumbertoLlatasYovera-8927 ,
According to your codes,I have created a test and no problems. As far as I think,your other codes problems may cause this issue. I suggest you could post to us full codes.It will help us to solve your problems.
Best regards,
Yijing Sun

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