Workday to On-premise Active Directory Automatic User Provisioning

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I'm working with couple of organizations who want to integrate Workday with their on-premise AD and don't want to change the current state. Both of the organizations have enabled write back at on-premise AD in order to sync users to Azure AD. They are in the process of implementing Workday and looking for automatic user provisioning solution.

I tried suggesting Workday to AD automatic user provisioning connector and here is what their responses are.

Comment 1: We update our on-prem AD then use the Azure sync tool to replicate to Azure AD. At this time we’re not using Azure AD just sync’ing.

Comment 2: This tool integrates with Azure AD, we currently create and do all our work in our on-prem Active Directory and replicate up to Azure, we don’t replicate backwards.

Both Customers have mentioned this connector integrates with Azure AD. However, as per the documentation below this connector intended for organizations that require direct user provisioning from Workday to Active Directory.

Is this true that this connector is not intended for Organizations who want to integrate directly with on-premise AD?

Any insights would be of great help here.



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