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SSRS 2019 - Can Grow property is not working

Since the TechNet Question from over 4 years ago


is still unresolved and CanGrow is still not working as expected for vertical Text, I would like to reissue this question, because I need this feature for all the Reports and it's working with the old SSRS.

Is there acutally a workaround (rdl-file patch) or anything I can change in order to get the CanGrow option working again (other than changing the height staticly in the reports) with the new SSRS.


Falk Wegener

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Hi anonymous userWegener-1716 ,
I did some tests locally.
I am using SSRS2019. I created four text boxes in the report. Text box 1 and text box 2 are horizontal text boxes, and text box 3 and text box 4 are vertical text boxes. Check the label carefully.

  1. I set the "can grow" property of text box 1 and text box 3 to "True" and the "CanShrink" property to "True". At this point, the text box can automatically expand and contract to display all the contents of the text box.

  2. I set the "can grow" property of text box 2 and text box 4 to "False" and the "CanShrink property" to "False". At this time, neither the horizontal text box nor the vertical text box can be automatically expanded or contracted, and only part of the content of the text box is displayed.

  3. Then, I unchecked the "Allow height increase" option in the "Tex Box Properties" of Text Box 1 and Text 3. At this time, although the "can grow" property is set to "true", it still cannot be automatically expanded and contracted.


Based on the above test, I guess that when the "can grow" property is set to "true", whether you have not checked the "allow height increase" option.

For more information,please refer to : Allow a Text Box to Grow or Shrink (Report Builder and SSRS).
Hope this helps.
Best Regards,

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Hi @Joyzhao-MSFT,

thank You for Your reply. The AutoGrow option works well within Visual Studio preview. If I deploy the report to the reports server then the CanGrow option does not work correctly (As described in the old post).
If You use this test report and change the data source to Your SQL-Server (I use the master db for this test report and change the file extension back to rdl), You can see that the report is rendered different in preview and on a deployed report server. The writing mode is set to rotate270.
I need this writing mode for tables and matrix. I haven't checked it on single text boxes, but it seems, that thouse aren't working as expected, too, if deployed to a report server.

I hope, that I could describe my problem a bit better.

Kind regards,



Preview in Visual Studio

Deployed to Report Server 2016/2019

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Hi Falk,
Thanks for your feedback.
My data source is from SQL server, and I deployed the report to the report manager, after viewing it, I found that it is indeed as you described it which is deviated from the display in VS.
I exported the report in the report manager and found that it is the same as in VS.
Note here : The renderer of VS preview is different from the renderer of report manager.
I think this is the cause of the phenomenon.
For details, please refer to: Rendering Behaviors (Report Builder and SSRS).
Best Regards,

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Hi Joy,

thank You very much for Your time.
I know, that the preview in VS or Report builder uses a different renderer. I stumbled over different behaviors a couple of times during my projects.
To sum it all up: There is no other way than manually adjusting the height in order to display a table with rotated text with SSRS2016/2019.
Or we would have to stay with the old SSRS-Server from SQL Server 2008R2-2014, which I would not prefer because the all reached EOL for Mainstream Support.

Kind regards,

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