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I have installed Azurestack version 1.2008.0.59 on Windows Server 2019. The installation was successful and I was able to create several virtual machines. I am noticing the disk space on C: keeps filling up quickly. I have only 3 VMs running and I am not using the setup heavily. I have few questions -

  • What is causing the disk space to fill up so fast? I know its not the logs. Are there any resources related to the virtual machines thats causing this?
  • If I delete a VM, do I need to remove the resources too or they get deleted automatically?

With C: only 3GB free, I am seeing another issue that when I open the user portal, it does not display an VMs or resources. I get resource not available error.

Any ideas about these errors?

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    VMs will consume the C drive if that is the allocated drive for storage. The SRP (Storage Resource Provider) will need to allocate space for the disks of the VMs. As they are fixed sized .vhd files, they will consume the entire 128gb size upon VM creation.

    Upon VM deletion, the .vhd file will typically stay until the storage account or file is deleted. Typically a VM and all its associated resources will sit in the same resource group, so deleting the resource group will fully delete the VM.

    When in the Tenant Portal, you will not be able to see VMs created in the Admin portal. Tenants do not have access to the admin VMs or resources. This is by design, and so that subscriptions can only see their own resources similar to the Azure portal.

    Please let me know if you have any other questions.

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