How to implement pagination and maxItemCount with Cosmos DB feediterator

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I'm trying to write Read method where maxItemCount continuation token is passed as arguments, but I'm not able to find any updated guides on how to implement it. The code I have now looks like this, but I can't believe there's no easier way to implement this basic functionality?

public async Task<(IEnumerable<T> Results, string ContinuationToken)> ReadAsync(Expression<Func<T, bool>> predicate, int limit, string continuationToken)
            var entityList = new List<T>();
            int itemsRemaining = limit;

                var maxItemsCount = Math.Min(itemsRemaining, 100);
                var options = new QueryRequestOptions { MaxItemCount = maxItemsCount };
                var query = _container.GetItemLinqQueryable<T>(true, continuationToken, options).Where(predicate);

                using (var iterator = query.ToFeedIterator())
                    if (iterator.HasMoreResults)
                        FeedResponse<T> response = await iterator.ReadNextAsync();
                        continuationToken = response.ContinuationToken;

                        if (iterator.ReadNextAsync().Result.Count == 0)
                            continuationToken = null;
                itemsRemaining -= maxItemsCount;
            while (itemsRemaining > 0);

            return (entityList, continuationToken);
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    Please check this example from Stack Overflow. If this doesn't help, please get back to us and we will try to help further.

    Navtej S