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CUBEMEMBER not returns #N/A for something that doesn't exists in the model

I created a Pivot Table by getting data from Azure Analysis Services. When I write a CUBEMEMBER with anything that doesn't exist in the tabular model, like "anything": =CUBEMEMBER("PRD-EDPModel"; "[FCT_FIN_CONSOLIDATED].[NM_REPORTED_RECURRENT].&[anything]") it returns #N/A when I write something that exist in the tabular model it returns the value: =CUBEMEMBER("PRD-EDPModel"; "[FCT_FIN_CONSOLIDATED].[NM_REPORTED_RECURRENT].&[CESE]") it returns "CESE" But when I write something that already existed in the past, but now doesn't exist anymore in the tabular model, it returns the "CESE"!! =CUBEMEMBER("PRD-EDPModel"; "[FCT_FIN_CONSOLIDATED].[NM_REPORTED_RECURRENT].&[Personnel Costs Adjustments]") It must returns "#N/A" as well!!! Is there some cache that have impact in CUBE-FUNCTIONS? ![89889-tela-excel.png][1] [1]: /answers/storage/attachments/89889-tela-excel.png

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Updating the right tag .

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I notice that if I change & to ALL it works, but I didn't understand the logic


I would like to understand cause I need to justify this change that my customer must to do.


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