Where can I get the LuisAPIKey and LuisAPIHostName?

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I'm developing a Chatbot using Bot Framework v4 SDK by Microsoft and I wanted to give him some language understanding, so I created a LUIS App for it's purpose. Then I was trying to integrate my LUIS App into a bot, in this case, the Core Bot template available on the Bot Framework v4 SDK, where it says that for it to use a LUIS App I have to give him a LuisAppId which I found and two other that I don't see where can I find them. Those two are the LuisAPIKey and the LuisAPIHostName.

In the Core Bot template there is a appsettings.json file with these lines, and I'm trying to get the value for the last two.

"LuisAppId": "",
"LuisAPIKey": "",
"LuisAPIHostName": ""

I suspect the LuisAPIHostName is westeurope.api.cognitive.microsoft.com because I set the App location to be West Europe, be I'm not sure, and I have no clue where to find the LuisAPIKey.

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    Hi, thanks for reaching out. When you create your LUIS resource, you can find your keys/endpoint from Azure Portal > Resource Group > Resource > Resource Management > Keys and Endpoint. You can also obtain your key from LUIS portal > Manage Tab > Azure Resources. Hope this helps!

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