Azure Maps: How can I add multiple avoids in the CalculateRouteDirectionsOptions property of calculateRouteDirections?

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Matt Cass 1 Reputation point

Despite the "avoid" property of the route options being an array, as per the link below:

When attempting to pass these through the RouteURL.calculateRouteDirections() as an array it causes a TypeError: r.toLowerCase is not a function in atlas-service.min.js

Here is the object model we're passing:

// Route options to be passed through  
var routeOptions = {                             
        avoid: ['motorways', 'tollRoads'],  
        departAt: '',  
        arriveAt: '',   
        routeType: 'fastest',  
        travelMode: 'car',  
        vehicleCommercial: true,  
        vehicleEngineType: 'combustion',  
        vehicleWidth: 0,  
        vehicleHeight: 0,  
        vehicleLength: 0,  
        vehicleWeight: 1600  

Interestingly, this does work if the avoid property is set to a string, but this only allows us to pass one avoid through to the routing.

Am I missing something? Is it possible to specify multiple avoids through the calculateRouteDirection() function?

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  1. answered 2021-04-21T15:00:10.727+00:00
    rbrundritt 6,921 Reputation points Microsoft Employee

    Currently the JavaScript module only supports passing in one avoid parameter at a time since JSON objects only allow unique keys (the service expects each avoid option to be added a separate parameter). A workaround for this is to pass the parameters into another string option already formatted. For example:

    arriveAt: '&avoid=ferries&avoid=motorways&avoid=tollRoads'