AAD Application proxy and Sharepoint 2013 custom list view web part

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Hi all,
Implemented AAD app proxy for internal SharePoint 2013 intranet and it works generally well except for custom list view web part.

When using this web part, a call is made to the inplview.js and it returns with the internal URL of the list instead of the translated URL (see screenshot).

Wondering if there is a way to make it work. I followed this article and this article but i still run into issues

  • I cannot use custom domains
  • Application proxy would be used for users to access the intranet anywhere on any device. While it's working, I cannot expect/force them to use Edge or download the MyApp extension on their personal devices, and if I did, it would generate way too much calls to service desk
  • I already setup the link translation settings in AAD app proxy config with no luck

Any advice appreciated

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  1. Michael 17,861 Reputation points

    Hi @OlivierPrzybylski ,

    You could try to configure alternate access mappings for SharePoint 2013 to map the link: https://learn.microsoft.com/en-us/SharePoint/administration/configure-alternate-access-mappings

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  2. oprzybylski 1 Reputation point

    Thanks @Michael - i might pick you brain a bit further on that

    I think I've already set the AAM properly for the app proxy as followed

    • https://intranet.addomain.local >> the internal URL for the SP site. Also the internal URL for App proxy. In AAM, it is the internal URL and the public URL for the "Default" zone of the intranet AAM collection
    • https://intranet-publicdomain.msappproxy.net >> the external URL for App proxy. It is also both the internal and public URL in the "Extranet" zone for the intranet AAM collection

    Unless there's another mapping I need to make, I'm not sure what else to do. I am not an SP expert so the AAM concepts are a bit harder for me to grasp.

    Since the web part call embeds the FQDN URL of the list but app proxy does not translate it, what sort of AAM would I need to put in to make it work?