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Hello, I want to connect to an Azure SQL database with Zapier. Unfortunately that doesn't work. The IP address or port is inco92162-zapier.jpgrrect. Does anyone know about Zapier? Many greetings Andrea

Azure SQL Database
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  1. KalyanChanumolu-MSFT 8,316 Reputation points

    @Andrea Neubert Welcome to Microsoft Q&A forums.

    Since this not an issue with Azure SQL Database, I am not very confident you will find many community members that can help you with Zapier.
    You may get better responses on the Zapier Community instead.


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  2. Alberto Morillo 32,706 Reputation points MVP

    You cannot rely on the current IP address of the Azure SQL Server. The IP address of your logical server is not static and is subject to change at any time. All connections should be made using the fully qualified DNS name (FQDN) rather than the IP address. Please refer to this documentation.

    Use the credentials of the Server Admin login of the Azure SQL logical server.

    Ping the FQDN name of the Azure SQL server ( for example), It should fail (request time out) but it should bring you the current IP address of the logical server. If you don't see that IP address, then you are facing a DNS resolution issue.

    If that IP address is returned, use telnet command to test you can reach the Azure SQL logical server from your network, for example: telnet 1433.

    Make sure you whitelisted the IP address of your organization on the Azure SQL firewall. Please read this documentation on how to add an entry on Azure SQL firewall.

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