Help required using DISM particularly the Export-Source

Mr M. Smith 21 Reputation points

I have a Windows 10 Enterprise x64 2004 install that I want to export the FODs that came from Windows Updates.

As best I can tell the issue I'm having is the /Source: parameter, quite frankly I have no idea what should go in there.

Thanks for reading. If you can help I will be eternally grateful.


Windows 10 Setup
Windows 10 Setup
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  1. Leon Laude 85,136 Reputation points


    Not sure what you mean by exporting?

    You can either add or remove features on demand (FODs) to an existing Windows 10 installation, or to a Windows 10 image.

    Adding or removing Features on Demand

    DISM Capabilities Package Servicing Command-Line Options

    Best regards,

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  1. Mr M. Smith 21 Reputation points

    The ISO is available on the VLSC - it was only the 1909 that wasn't and that was because it was the same as the previous version.

    Thanks Leon.

    FODs are only available from the Windows Updates site as opposed to the old versions being available as an ISO or cached on WSUS.

    It is however possible to export a repository from a Windows install that has acquired the FODs from WU and then host those FODs on other installs. To do this requires using DISM like so:

    Deployment Image Servicing and Management tool
    Version: 10.0.19041.1

    Image Version: 10.0.19041.264

    /Export-Source {/CapabilityName:<name_in_image> | /Recipe:<path_to_recipe_file>}
    /Source:<source> /Target:<target> [/IncludeImageCapabilities]

    Export a set of capabilities into a new repository.

    Use the /CapabilityName to specify the capability you would like to
    export. Multiple /CapabilityName arguments can be used. You can use /Recipe
    instead of /CapabilityName to specify multiple capabilities at a time.
    Use the /Source argument to specify the location of the source repository.
    Use the /Target to specify the location of the new repository.
    Use the /IncludeImageCapabilities to export image capabilities into the
    new repository.

      Dism /Image:C:\test\offline /Export-Source /Source:C:\test\source
        /Target:C:\test\target /CapabilityName:Language.Basic~~~en-US~
      Dism /Image:C:\test\offline /Export-Source /Source:C:\test\source
        /Target:C:\test\target /Recipe:C:\test\recipe\recipe.xml

    I'm stuck wondering what I should enter for the Source parameter.

  2. Mr M. Smith 21 Reputation points

    Hi Leon,

    I have really appreciated your help.

    The thread on MDL (once I joined) like they manually recreated a repository, although they do mention some success using Dism at one point.

    I think I finally get what's going wrong, the Source option needs to point to a FOD ISO/DVD - the one thing MS no longer provide.

    This along with a huge dollop of Adobe CC issues have just about ruined my sanity for this week.

    Once again, thank you for your help Leon.



  3. Mr M. Smith 21 Reputation points

    It is in the VLSC. It was 1909 that wasn't.

    Someone please rewind this week.