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DPM 2019 Prune of File Based Recovery Point: Generates Failed Job in the Monitor

I recently installed a new storage volume for our on premises DPM 2019 server backups and migrated existing datasources to the new volume using the new "Optimized migration" feature. Has worked well and jobs are running smoothly. However every time the pruning script runs overnight on file based recovery points a "failed job" is created in the monitor for what is an unscheduled job with error details of:

Type: Recovery point
Status: Failed
Description: No recovery point was created, either because synchronization has not occurred since the last recovery point was created, or because no changes were found during synchronization. (ID 208)
More information
End time: 5/4/2021 11:47:23 AM
Start time: 5/4/2021 11:47:22 AM
Time elapsed: 00:00:00
Data transferred: 0 MB

I can reproduce this failed job by manually removing a recovery point for any file based datasource and I get the failed job every time. The recovery point is successfully removed and all other synchronization and RP activities are fine as well.

Can this be stopped or will it at least go away when the old volume is eventually cleared out?


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