Uploading .hlkx file failure

Ulrich Holeschak 1 Reputation point

I want to make a new hardware submission (with HLKX file) in the DevCenter dashboard.
After entering the product name I try to upload the the .hlkx file,
but when the upload starts I get the general error message: "One or more errors occurred."
I also tried another browser (EDGE), but with the same result.
A valid EV certificate is already assigned to the account and the .hlkx file is signed with the same certificate.
What can I do to fix this problem?


Windows Hardware Performance
Windows Hardware Performance
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  1. Ulrich Holeschak 1 Reputation point

    There was something inconsistent with the hlkx file, but I don't remember any more what was the reason. Basically this means the hlkx file is invalid.

  2. Jimmy_Lee 1 Reputation point

    Confirm your testing machine platform matches each ohter.

    FYI. I have the same error before.