UCMA 6.0 App built for X64 works on 1st laptop, fails on 2nd laptop with: System.IO.FileNotFoundException: . . . 'SIPEPS, Version=

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Built a UMCA 6.0 APP on Laptop 1 with platform target set to x64 and framework target set to .Net Framework 4.8. Laptop 1 is X64 based CPU running Windows 10 Enterprise. Application runs as designed.

Copied the executable and DLLs to Laptop 2, where UCMA runtime and .NetFramework 4.8 were installed. The process also required installing Visual C++ 2015-2019 redistribution. Got the infamous SIPEPS error message.

Copied the project directory (source code, project file, etc.) to Laptop 2 and rebuilt the app after doing a clean. Confirmed project properties included X64 and .Net Framework 4.8. Build was successful 1st time. Ran the app and still getting the SIPEPS error message.

Both laptops are Dells with i7 cores. Using VS 2017 for build. Need to have a backup machine for this app. If the primary fails - we are dead in the water.

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  1. Tim Moran 116 Reputation points

    You must uninstall Visual C++ releases greater than 2013 for the UCMA library to properly install. Uninstalle Visual C++ Redistribution 2015 - 2019 and a 2017 version installed by Visual Studio and did a repair on .Net Framwork 4.8. Installed UCMA before anything else and the SIPEPS error was resolved.

    Now its on to a new issue: Recorder cannot start due to I/O Error.

    I must say, I've distributed this console app from my Windows 10 laptop to several other Windows 10 laptops beginning when it was a Lync 2013-based program followed by a couple of releases as a UCMA 5.0 program. This current distribution has been a real challenge.

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